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Get 15,000 Eyeballs for Your Book, Website, or Ideas!

John Kremer’s 15,000 Eyeballs Program is an Internet marketing program anyone can do and complete in one week or less.

I’ve found that many authors hesitate to order my Ten Million Eyeballs course because they don’t believe I can deliver on that promise. But I do believe that anyone who follows that program will get at least 10 million impressions online in the next two weeks. But it is hard to believe. Alas.

So I’ve decided to offer another, more believable program: Get 15,000 eyeballs for your book, your website, yourself, your ideas, or whatever cause you want to promote – and do it in one week or less. That’s the essence of my new 15,000 Eyeballs Program.

And you can repeat this program as often as you want to get another 15,000 eyeballs, and another 15,000 eyeballs, and another 15,000 eyeballs, or more! It’s a strategy you should be able to implement in one hour or less and duplicate as often as you like.

That’s Lesson 1.

There are 10 lessons in this 15,000 Eyeballs Program. Besides the technique I describe in Lesson 1 that guarantees you 15,000 eyeballs (actually 43,000 impressions), I also teach you more online marketing techniques that can be implemented quickly by anyone – techniques that will get you 15,000 eyeballs or more each time you implement them.

Lesson 2: How to Become a Blogger for The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post gets 24 million unique visitors every month. Learn how to get in front of all these people.

Lesson 3: Give Away Free Articles (two techniques)

Writing articles is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to build links back to your website and get more traffic.

Lesson 4: The Key to Viral Guest Blog Posts

Learn how to find guest blog post opportunities that can attract thousands of views. And then how to write a blog post that goes viral!

Lesson 5: Blog Comment Your Way to Great Exposure

Posting comments at influential blogs is a powerful way to get in front of people who need your products and services, or journalists who are researching your topic. – Joan Stewart, editor, The Publicity Hound

Lesson 6: Writing and Promoting Q&A Columns for High-Traffic Websites

This technique can be an incredibly effective way to get in front of thousands and thousands of visitors over and over again.

Lesson 7: Online Press Releases: Get Exposure on Top Websites

Each time I was covered, my site stats rocketed and subscriptions to my newsletter shot up manyfold for that week. Additionally, I noticed similar spikes in consulting and speaking engagements. – Larry Chase, editor, Web Digest for Marketers

Lesson 8: Giving Away Free eBooks to Sell More Books

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist went from 1,000 sales in Russian to over 10 million sales by giving away free copies of his book.

Lesson 9: Publish Kindle eBooks for Greater Exposure

Learn how to publish a Kindle eBook that can generate a large customer list for you, bring your website greater rankings on the search engines, and increase the sales of all your books.

Lesson 10: Podcast Your Way to Success

On the strength of his podcasts, Scott Sigler’s thriller Ancestor climbed to #7 on Amazon.com before Crown Publishing offered him a major book deal.

You get all 10 lessons outlined above for only $50.00, with all the details that go into implementing the techniques quickly and cheaply.

That’s only $5.00 per lesson – or less than 1/30 of a penny per impression!

If you make only one sale per 15,000 impressions, you’ll still be way ahead of the curve. And you can continue to duplicate this success over and over again. Every one of the techniques for creating online impact can be replicated whenver you need to generate more interest and more sales.

My Personal Guarantee

You must be completely satisfied with your purchase and if you are not just let me know within 60-days and I will give you a complete refund.  Now questions and no hassles.

This is some of the best Internet marketing training for authors and writers on the planet!

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