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Dear Friend:

Thank you for becoming an affiliate of the Real Fast Book Marketing training program. The program is sold through ClickBank which is the worlds most respected marketplace of digital products. In order to sell the Real Fast Book Marketing program you must sign up for a FREE Clickbank account and get a Clickbank “Nickname”.

If you don’t have a Clickbank nickname you can sign up to get one free (it takes about 3 minutes).  You can do that by clicking here.

First things first… you are going to need your affiliate link to which to send customers and prospects.   Here is your affiliate link:

To make YOUR affiliate link you simply replace the xxxx above with your Clickbank nickname.

An example:  One of my Clickbank nicknames is: authoru.  So using my nickname my affiliate link for the Real Fast Book Marketing product would be:

Get it?

See?  Its easy to make your own affiliate link to this great product.  So when you customer clicks on the link and buys YOU GET PAID!

So what follows are some tools that really make it easy to earn money with this program.


Below are a selection of banners in different sizes. Feel free to use them on your website.

You can also use them in banner exchange programs. I’ve listed some of the most effective ones below. Clicking on each one will open a new window

The Banner

(UK Network)

Exchange Ad

Remember link from the banners with your affiliate link. Replace the
xxxxx with your clickbank nickname

How to save banners to your computer

Right click, select “Save Target As” and save the banners below

Next, upload the .gif banner images to your site. Edit your webpage by making the banner clickable with your affiliate link by using this html tag:

<”a ref=””"><”img src=”(here insert the banner location or URL)”"><”/a”>

Important note: You must remove the first and last quotation marks “” from each of the tags above.

Emails/ Ezines

Use this solo ad copy for advertising in the ezines above. Or you can use it in your own ezine or emails to your list.

Feel free to modify the ad copy ad you see fit.

Just copy the solo ads from the boxes below

Your affiliate link is below. Replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank

Email/ Ezine Solo Ad #1

Subject: Sell 200 of Your Books in the Next 2 Weeks!

Dear ,

It’s true… it is possible (indeed probable) to sell 100 or even 200 of your books within the next 2 weeks WITHOUT a marketing budget!

Of course, you’ve got to know how it’s done.

That’s where book marketing experts John Kremer and Daniel Hall come in.  They have a brand new system called Real Fast Book Marketing.  Check it out…

In developing this new book marketing course, John and Daniel set four criteria to ensure your success in selling books in two weeks or less:

1. You must be able to complete the marketing steps in two weeks or less, from start to finish.

2.You must be able to sell at least 100 books within those first two weeks.

3. The marketing steps must be something a first-time author or marketer can complete.

4. It shouldn’t cost a lot to carry out. That means cheap, or even free!

Sound good to you?

Then you must check out..

I highly recommend you at least have a look,

Kind Regards,


PS: No more excuses. If you are really serious about selling more of your book real fast then you must check out –

Email/ Ezine Solo Ad #2

Subject: How Many Books U Wanna Sell?

Dear ,

With a few under-the-radar strategies you can sell 100 or even 200 of your books within the next 2 weeks.   Best part is most of the techniques require little or no-money to execute.  Check out –>

Yessir, these book marketing techniques are slick, low-profile and can be accomplished by the brand new author WITHOUT previous marketing experience.

Check out this website for PROOF of this system in action.

I *guarantee* you will be shocked and amazed at how anyone can sell lots of books real fast.

Kind Regards,


PS: The best part is… Even brand new authors can use these techniques. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Email Signature “Sig” Files

Add these email signatures to your outgoing emails. If you are running an email promotion you can add them as a PS section.

Of if you make a post in the forums add your signature there as well.

Email Sig #1

Sell 100 or 200 Books In Next 2-Weeks with Little-Known System.

Email Sig #2

Under-the Radar Strategies Even New Inexperienced Authors Can Use To Sell 100 to 200 Books in the Next 2 Weeks!

Email Sig #3

The #1 best kept secret for selling 100 to 200 books within 2 weeks with little or no marketing budget.

Use these tools consistently if you want to make good money selling our Real Fast Book Marketing program. We look forward to helping you succeed.

To Your Affiliate Marketing Success,

John Kremer & Daniel Hall

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